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Classing Changes for 2024

Updated: Feb 8

Classing Changes for 2024

The 2023 season was a gamble at creating classing. It was made ultra simple to allow everyone and anything that could potentially register to have a class, with the goal of collecting feedback & data to base the 2024 classing on. 

Now with a full season of results to work with, adjustments were made to better equalize class sizes & performance differences for 2024. The changes were based on the vehicles that are showing up to the events. Also, to minimize handing out "participation award trophies" in the low attendence classes.  

And it's still simple…minus the one math calculation you might have to do.

The given here is that the higher HP cars will have the advantage at the StratoAttack events , while the lighter nimbler cars will have it at the StratoCross events. However, driving skill & tires will contribute more to the differences in all the classes.  


The Slow Class - Deleted

Inconsistent turnout. Replaced with the “Fastest Newb Award”

Extreme Class - Deleted

Low turnout, combined into a new class.

Street Class -  Deleted

Low turnout, combined into a new class.

Sport Class - New for 2024 

This is for stock..ish lower HP daily driver type cars. The cut off point is set at a 13:1 pounds to hp ratio using factory listed specs. An allowance list was created for cars below that ratio that are known to be of a similar performance level. Very limited engine mods are allowed to keep the power advantages in check. 

Unfortunately, mathing is required here. A quick google search and you can find out what your cars factory listed curb weight and HP is, so you can calculate if it's above or below the 13:1 cut off. The HP gains from allowed engine mods do not count towards this calculation.

The 13:1 ratio came from going through every Time Trial Organization's classing rules & event results, and finding a common denominator that would bump out potential overdog cars from this class.

With a lot of cars that could be competitive in this class, it will definitely take sharp driving skills + a good set of 200TW tires to take the podium spots. 

Tuner Class - Updated (Jan 27, 2024)

By far the biggest class of 2023! Aimed at stock factory performance cars, modified enthusiast cars, track rats & budget build race cars.

The $50,000 MSRP limit was removed as it just added confusion & wasn't needed based on the types of cars showing up to the events.

Engine modifications allowances are based on the weight to horsepower ratio of the car. This is an engine swap & bolt on friendly class. To keep things easy, the calculation is based on the factory listed specs for your car and whatever engine you put in it.

With a 13:1 ratio or worse (anything higher than 13:1) you can do almost anything, except for adding forced induction or upgrading to a non "drop in" turbo.

12:99 or better (lower than 12:99:1) you're limited to using the O.E or a same manufacturer engine. (E.g honda Civics can swap in any honda engine) If it's a turbocharged or supercharged engine you're limited to a cold air intake, cat back exhaust and a tune for engine mods. Naturally aspirated cars are limited to external bolt ons only. The limits are in place to keep potential class overdogs in check (Focus RS, EVO, CTR, S2000, K swapped Civic Eg's etc.) and to severely limit turbo engine swaps options.

Zestino/Toyo RR slicks are now allowed, as a few people run these tires and they show no advantages over a 100TW tire. Tire width limits remain the same at 255 for 2WD cars & 245 for AWD cars.

Podium winners should change around a lot. Whoever shows up with the right combo of driving skill & overall car package best suited for the course design will have the advantage. 

Performance Class - New for 2024

This is for the cars that were in the Street & Extreme classes, and a few of the faster cars in the Tuner Class (S2000’s with internal engine mods, Turbo’d Miatas, etc). The rules were left fairly open to accommodate the wide range of local cars that will be shuffled into this class. 

Tires limitations are based on the approximate horsepower of your car. Under 200 hp you can run anything, over 200hp you're limited to 100 TW tires. This is to prevent someone in a high horsepower racecar showing up on Hoosiers and killing everyone, while giving the option to lower powered cars a hope at being competitive in this class.

In 2023 we didn’t see any potential class overdogs showing up consistently to the events, or people dropping money on expensive Hoosier slicks to gain an edge. 2024 is expected to be the same.

Driver skill + a decent weight to power ratio will be the answer to win here. 

Unlimited Class - No Changes 

The run whatever ya brung, as long as it is safe to use on a racetrack, class. 

Shifter karts will be at the top of class unless Team Crowder, with their Poltergeist Special thing, has something to say about that! 

Due to the small turnouts for this class, only one award is given out if you get the Fastest time of the day. If turnouts increase, more awards will be added.  

Fastest Overall Award - New for 2024

Given out to whoever puts down the fastest time at the event. 

Fastest Newb Award - New for 2024 

Restricted to drivers with no previous racing experience & with very limited track driving experience . Once you win the award or have attended 3 events, you are no longer eligible to compete for it. 

That’s it for 2024! This should create a good mix up for podium spots at the competitions, and make for some good racing without getting too crazy with classing rules!


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