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For the first time in Alberta, Track Sprint competitions are here with StratoAttack Time Trials held at Stratotech Raceway just 15 minutes north of Edmonton! With 4 race classes to compete in and over 20 records to be set, everyone has something to go for! 


What is a Track Sprint?

It's a high-speed autocross (without the Pylons) that uses part of a road course. Vehicles are launched one at a time from a standing start to race against the clock to the finish line. 

Everything from your Grandma's Corolla to fully built race cars can compete in this safe non wheel to wheel competition.

Drivers of all skill levels are welcome! 


2023 Dates:

Thursday June 8 StratoAttack #1

Saturday July 29 StratoAttack #2

Thursday Sept 7 StratoAttack #3


$85 Thursday Evening 

$110 Saturday Evening 


To compete at an event you will need:​

  1. A driver license

  2. A Snell certified M/SA/K 2010 or newer helmet or ECE 22.05 

  3. Closed toe shoes

  4. Register HERE on

  5. Send in an Online Self tech & Sign annual Waiver (Click Here)

  6. Have fun and help out!

Classes & Vehicle Requirements:  

Please Note: Karts are not permitted at this event due to safety reasons


  • 4pm Gates Open

  • 4pm-5pm Event setup

  • 5:30pm - 6pm Practice runs

  • 6pm Drivers Meeting

  • 6:15pm to 8:55pm - Open Pit Lane for Competition Runs

  • 9:00pm Awards

  • 9:30pm Cleaned up and offsite



The course remains exactly the same for every competition. 


Practice runs:

  • 40 km/h max speed

  • Learn the course & pick your lines

  • Must remain minimum 10 car lengths distance from car ahead 

  • No passing 

  • May take as many as needed during the allotted time

  • Speeding or dangerous driving will get you disqualified 


Competition runs:

  • Open pit lane (line up and take runs whenever you want)

  • Cars will be launched every ~30 seconds 

  • No passing


  • Each driver's fastest run at the event is used to determine their final position ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Dropping one or more tires off the pavement results in an "Off Course" and no time will be given for that run. 


  • 1st and 2nd place in each class

  • The Slow Class - Fastest time gets "The James May Award"


Get listed as the Record holder for breaking or setting any of the fastest times for the following:

  • Fastest FWD Car - (Production vehicles)   

  • Fastest RWD Car - (Production vehicles)

  • Fastest AWD Car - (Production vehicles)

  • Fastest Muscle Car

  • Fastest Sports Car - (2 door model only cars)

  • Fastest Supercar - (Mid engine exotic cars)

  • Fastest Classic Muscle Car - (80's and older American muscle cars)

  • Fastest Street Truck 

  • Fastest Classic JDM Car - (80's & 90's Japanese cars)

  • Fastest KDM Car - (Cars from Korea)

  • Fastest Race Car - (All racecars)

  • Fastest Family Car - (Full size sedans & wagons)

  • Fastest Diesel Car

  • Fastest Female Driver

  • Fastest Miata

  • Fastest FRS/BRZ

  • Fastest S2000

  • Fastest Civic

  • Fastest BMW

  • Fastest Porsche

  • Fastest Rush SR


  • Only 1 allowed

  • Must be wearing same safety gear as driver

  • Must sign the event waiver

  • Must be of 16 years of age or older


  • Live results viewable at (Tap on the red Live Results  button)

  • Records & results will be posted and updated on the website after the event finishes.


  • Place in the Top 5 of your class or Top 10 in the overall standings to earn points towards the DMS Time Trials Championship presented by Motorsports Supplies!

  • Click Here For More Info 

Volunteer and Get for FREE:

Want to get the event for FREE? Volunteer to help out with running it! 3 spots available per event. Tasks include launching cars, event setup & tear down and helping & directing people. You will still get plenty of runs in!

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