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2023 Classes


Unsure of how to find Width, Treadwear Rating & DOT Stamp on tires?

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Vehicle Requirements

  • Suv’s, Trucks, Vans and other high centre of gravity vehicles are not allowed for safety reasons. (Street trucks are allowed)

  • Vehicles track width must be greater than its height VIEW HERE

  • Performance brake pads and brake fluid are highly recommended!

  • Have a structure and bodywork that surrounds and protects the driver at least to his waist level when seated in his normal driving position.

  • Exhaust noise level less than 94dbA from 100 feet away

  • All loose items must be removed from the vehicle

  • Must have no fluid leaks that will drop oil or antifreeze on the track! 

  • 3 Point seat belt at minimum (Exception for Karts)

  • Kart requirements VIEW HERE *Karts are only allowed at StratoCross Competitions


  • Production Vehicle - Mass-produced identical model passenger vehicles, offered for sale to the public that are designed to be driven on the street.

  • MSRP - The manufacturer suggested retail price in Canadian dollars for the vehicle

  • Treadwear - The UTQG rating that is stamped on the tire from the factory. 

  • Tire Width - The factory rated width of the tire.

  • DOT Approved - Department of Transportation approved tire, signifies that the tire can be used on the streets.

  • Muscle Car - American front engine rear wheel drive cars 

  • Street truck - A small lowered single cab or compact truck that is built to handle track use

  • 2WD - A two wheel drive vehicle  

  • AWD - An all wheel drive vehicle

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