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DMS 4 Class System

The DMS 4 class system is geared towards local amateur level competitions where a wide range of vehicle and skill levels are competing. The main goals of this system are to:

  1. Keep vehicle tech easy for event organizers.

  2. Make classing easy and fair for competitors.

  3. Keep the events exciting to compete in.  




  • Production Vehicle - Mass-produced identical model passenger vehicles, offered for sale to the public that are designed to be driven on the street.

  • Treadwear - The UTQG rating that is stamped on the tire from the factory. 

  • Tire Width - The factory rated width of the tire.

  • DOT Approved - Department of Transportation approved tire, signifies that the tire can be used on the streets.

  • Street Legal Vehicle - Vehicles that are registered & insured and can be legally driven on the street.

  • Full Factory Interior - An interior that retains all the components it had from the factory. 

  • Bolt In Aftermarket Interior Part - An aftermarket part that replaces a factory part or adds a safety component to the interior of the vehicle.  

  • Muscle Car - American front engine RWD cars 

  • AWD - An all wheel drive vehicle

  • RWD - A rear wheel drive vehicle

  • FWD - A front wheel drive vehicle

Vehicle Tech

Only the winners of each class will need to be inspected to ensure they are within the rules. Only 3 things need to be checked and referenced to the classing rules:

  1. Check the vehicle model

  2. Check the tires

  3. Check the interior of the car

View Winners Tech Cheat Sheet

Unsure of how to find Width, Treadwear Rating & DOT Stamp on tires?

Click Here to Watch Video

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