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Race Your Street Car!

Updated: Jan 18

Want to race your car this summer in Edmonton with minimal risk of damaging it? Have a read! 

Racing on the streets is dangerous to yourself & to those around you. Most local racing series require a purpose built racecar & a race license, making it out of the reach for many. 

So where in Edmonton can you take your regular street car and race it with minimal risk of damaging it, or yourself, on a race track without the need for specialty equipment?

StratoCross & StratoAttack racing events at Stratotech Raceway, just 15 minutes north of Edmonton is where!

These local events allow for just about any car and driver to become a racecar & racecar driver for the day. The only things needed to participate are a driver's license & a helmet! You will see local Edmontonians using everything from their stock daily drivers to full blown racecars, all out having some low key competitive fun at these events. 

What makes these events so safe?

These are solo time trial racing events, meaning you’re on the track by yourself racing against the clock. Just like drag racing but with turns. Consider it like a group of friends taking runs one at a time down Groat Road with a timer running to see who can do it the fastest.

With no other vehicles to crash into, or have crash into you, the major risk of racing is mitigated.

Stratotech Raceway provides the perfect setup to participate in these events with minimal risk of damaging your vehicle. The paved track is built on a open flat field with next to no walls to hit. Spin out or loose control? You may end up in the grass or at worst a gravel pit. Other than some dirt on your vehicle, you will be good to continue with there being a minimal chance of damage to your car. 

Way less risk than spinning out on the streets or just driving in rush hour traffic on the Henday! (Mustangs owners - there are no curbs to hit either)

To make it even safer, these events use a shortened course setup that eliminates the most dangerous areas of the track. It also helps keep speeds down, so if something does happen it's not a serious incident. Low speed practice laps are also used at the start of the events to provide a zero pressure way for new comers to get a feel for the track.

Last year over 60% of attendees who participated in the events had no racing or track experience, with many using the same car they drive to work with. Of the 2500+ runs taken last year, not one single incident happened on track that damaged a car or hurt someone. 

The events are not overly hard on your vehicle either. Unlike full course racing & lapping events, where you're pushing your car for extended periods of time, these are just short bursts of aggressive driving for approximately 60 seconds.

It's no harder on your vehicle than blasting through some twisty mountain roads! As long as your vehicle is up to date on maintenance, it's safe to bring to the events. 

This is truly the most accessible & safest form of racing you can get into around Edmonton, that gets you onto a racetrack at a very affordable price!

Helmets can be purchased at one of the many motorsports or motorcycle shops around Edmonton. Just make sure it is Snell or ECE certified and is designed for automotive motorsports or motorcycle use!

Come try one out this Summer! This may become your new (healthy) addiction! 

Check out Doug doing a run at a StratoCross event!

Registration for all events opens April 1st. Register early as these events tend to sell out!

Follow on Facebook & Instagram (DMSTIMING) to stay up to date.

Check out local shops RA Motorsports & Motorsports Supplies for all your go fast parts & accessories!

Check out The Flying Penguin for event pictures & write ups! 

Questions or comments? Post below or email 


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