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Sept 16, 2023

The StratoCup - The main event of the year! An all out competition that combines the StratoCross & StratoAttack competitions into the ultimate end of season test! Drivers compete to set the fastest time for the chance to win a Cash prize and to take home a StratoCup Trophy or one of the Challenge Trophies! 

In the morning the track is setup for StratoCross (Autocross) and in the afternoon the course changes to StratoAttack (Track Sprint). Competitors will get practice runs followed by 5 competition runs at each course layout. Drivers fastest time from each session are combined and class winners are crowned in each of the 4 classes. 

Track will be open to fun runs at the end of the day & a food truck will be onsite. 


Don't miss out on this 100% locally created time trials competition! All skill levels are welcome to compete.  


  • Stratotech Raceway, AB (15 min North of Edmonton)


  • Saturday September 16, 2023


  • $140 per driver

  • Event limited to 60 entries


​Click Here To Register 


StratoCup Class.png


For The Fastest Overall Time

  • $300 Cash and the Golden StratoCup 

​For the fastest AWD, RWD & FWD Cars

  • $300 Cash and a Silver StratoCup

Challenge Trophies:

  • Fastest 60+ Driver (Quick Silver Award)

  • Fastest 24 & Under Driver (Up & Comer Award)

  • Fastest Drift Car

  • Fastest Kart

  • Fastest Driver on 280TW+ tires

  • Fastest Driver on All Season tires

  • Fastest Sports Coupe (Front engine 2WD 2 door 2.0L and under car)

  • Fastest Muscle Car (V8 Front engine 2WD car) 


  • 8:00am Gates Open  

  • 10:00am - 10:45am Low Speed Practice Runs (40km/h max)

  • 10:45am Drivers Meeting

  • 11:00am 1:00pm AutoX Runs

  • 1:00 - 1:30pm Lunch Break

  • 1:30-3:30pm Track Sprint Runs

  • 3:45pm Awards

  • 4pm - 5pm Fun Runs

To compete at this event you will need:

  1. A driver license

  2. A mechanically sound vehicle

  3. A Snell certified M/SA/K 2010 or newer helmet or ECE 22.05 

  4. Register HERE on

  5. Send in an Online Self tech & Sign the Annual Waiver (Click Here)

  6. Have fun and help out!

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