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Race Report: February 9 Formula K

Round #4 of Formula K had a mix of local car, motorcycle & kart drivers along with a few just feeding their new interest in competitive motorsports. (Welcome to the poor financial decision club)

In the first race Sean Hofmeister set the bar high with the fastest lap of the night with a 30.518 second lap followed closely behind by Joey Gschossmann with a 30.581.

In the second race, we saw Steele Perrett put down a 31.058 second lap to claim top spot followed by Dan Roseberg (Me) with a 31.324

In the final race Barry Robinson finally got a good Kart and showed us how it’s done with a 31.164 second lap followed by Joey with a 31.367.

No Pro Speed for the group tonight, Speeders is clamping down on their 20 race minimum rule for each driver (Booo!)

Your Formula K Round #4 Winners:

1st Sean Hofmeister

2nd Joey Gschossmann

3rd Steele Perrett

Updated Leaderboard can be viewed here:

The Final round is March 9th, and it will be the most exciting one yet with 20 spots available. Don’t miss out, get registered on MotorsportReg now!

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