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New for 2024! DMS Time Trials Lap Battle, held at Stratotech Raceway, just 15 minutes north of Edmonton, AB! A safe, competitive & affordable lapping time attack that anyone can compete in.

What is a Lap Battle?

It's a time trial competition were drivers compete to put down the single fastest lap time in their class. After some controlled practice, drivers get the track all to themselves for two 5 lap sessions in an attempt to set a top time . A shortened course layout is used to reduce speeds & eliminate the most dangerous parts of the track. This allows for all skill levels to safely compete at this event.

Results from each event are combined into a leaderboard. Drivers that set the fastest laps will receive an award at the end of the season. 


2024 Dates

RD#1 July 17




To compete at an event you will need:​

  1. A driver license

  2. A Snell certified M/SA/K 2015 or newer helmet or ECE 22.05 

  3. Register HERE on

  4. Send in an Online Self tech & Sign annual Waiver (Click Here)

  5. Have fun and help out!


  • $150 + GST

  • 2 discounted spots available for helpers (Launching cars & Waving flags)

  • Spots limited to 15 per event 


  • 4pm Gates Open

  • 4pm-5pm Event setup

  • 5:00pm - 5:50pm Practice Laps

  • 5:50pm - Drivers Meeting

  • 6:00pm to 9:00pm - Competition Lapping

  • 9:30pm Cleaned up and offsite


Track Layout: 


Practice Laps:

  • 70 km/h max speed

  • Must remain minimum 10 car lengths distance from car ahead 

  • No passing 

  • Done in 5 lap sessions with up to 4 cars on track.

  • Learn the track & get used to doing the 5 laps

  • May get restaged & do as many 5 lap sessions as needed during the allotted time

  • Speeding or dangerous driving will get you disqualified 


Competition Lapping:

  • One car on track at a time

  • 2 sessions per driver

  • 5 Laps per session 

  • Out Lap - 3 Timed Laps - In Lap 


  • Each driver's fastest lap at the event is used to determine their final position ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Dropping two or more tires off the pavement results in no time given for that lap 


  • Each Drivers best lap time is added into a leader board. Awards are handed out at the end of the season, based on class size & position.

  • 1-3 - 1st

  • 4-5 - 1st & 2nd

  • 6+ - 1st, 2nd & 3rd


  • Only 1 allowed

  • Must be wearing same safety gear as driver

  • Must sign the event waiver

  • Must be of 16 years of age or older


  • Live results viewable at (Tap on the red Live Results  button)

  • Records & results will be posted and updated on the website after the event finishes.


  • At this time, these events are not included in the 2024 DMS Time Trial Championship.

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