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New Competition! DMS Lap Battle

With a number of requests for a lapping style Time Attack for this year, I've put together a safe entry level Time Attack competition that I think will appeal to the people currently coming out to the events. Currently, I'm naming it the DMS Lap Battle. However, naming rights are up for grabs for any local business wanting to sponsor it!

What is it?

A one car at a time lapping Time Attack on a shortened track layout at Stratotech, were drivers attempt to put down the fastest lap time in their class. Run similar to a pro level time attack, while still being Noob friendly.

Why short track?

Safety. With the shortened track layout, almost all the high risk spots are eliminated, along keeping maximum speeds down. This allows for drivers of all experience levels to compete at these events with minimal risk of damaging their car. It also greatly reduces the wear & tear on your vehicle!

Why only one car on track?

To eliminate any chance of cars contacting each other while on track when running at full speed, and to prevent drivers from getting held up when trying to put down their best lap.

Will there be practice time?

Yes, there will be a speed limited with no passing practice session. Drivers are required to maintain a safe distance from each while keeping speeds under 70km/h. This all in name of keeping it Noob friendly, while greatly limiting risks of any cars hitting each other while on track. Goal here is to keep it safer than driving down Groat road in traffic!

No transponder required!

Lapping style time attacks require drivers to buy or rent a Transponder. With using a one car on track approach, a transponder-less timing system can be used. Saving drivers a significant extra cost!

Same format as Pro-level Time Attacks

Just like at the pro level time attacks, drivers will only get 5 laps on track per session to put down their best time! 1 warm up, 3 hot laps & 1 cool down. These will be some of the most intense laps you will ever drive on a race track! You may only be driving a stock slow ass car, and with minimal talent, but for those laps you're going to feel like the next Super Lap Battle time attack champion chasing down a new lap record for all the glory! Maybe a far stretch here, but you get the point.

Year end awards

With the extremely limited number of cars that can be run in a evening, each event results will be combined into a leaderboard for each class. Your year end placement will be based on your fastest lap you put down. Award availability will be based on how many drivers compete throughout the season in each class. Awards will be mailed out or personally delivered.

1-3 - 1st

4-5 - 1st & 2nd

6+ - 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Open to almost any vehicle:

Just like at the StratoCross events, you can use just about any track worthy 4 wheeled vehicle at these! Classing remains the same as the other competitions.


With most amateur level Time Attacks costing around $350+ to attend, these will be priced at only $150! Spots will be limited to 15 per event to start with. There will be 2 helper positions available per event, as I will need some assistance with sending out cars & flagging. Very simple & easy tasks to do when not driving! You will get refunded 50% of the event fee for doing so.

The first one is now open for registration, with others to be planned after. If it's within your budget come out & give it a try!


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