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The Beginning

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This year was the first time for StratoCross events. What started out with the goal of just having one event turned into 3. Two of which sold out! I was not expecting the turnout and attention that these events got, especially for being so late in the season and without much notice. For many, these events were a reunion of a bunch of old friends that haven't seen each other since the last Autocross event in Edmonton back in 2019!

After having no Autocross events in Edmonton for the last 2 years, and not much interest from local sanctioning bodies or clubs to get involved, I decided to do something about it. In June of 2022 I spent my "New Race Car Fund", that I was going to use to replace my beat up Civic, on all the equipment to run an event myself. I filed for a small business and that was the start of Dan's Motorsports Timing.

I started Autocrossing in 2018 with the Alberta Solo Aossciation, then Rallycross with the Edmonton Rally Club in 2020, and then stepped into the role as the President for The Edmonton Rally Club for the 2022 season. Through all that I was able to gain the knowledge & experience on how to organise & run an event.

With Stratotech open again, I figured it would be a great venue to hold the events at. I looked at a few parking lots and airports to use for venues, but the cost & work involved setting up and running an event was too much at those locations. Stratotech was immediately supportive, had everything in place already to hold an event at, and if run on a weekday evening the events could be priced within the budgets of what most people are comfortable spending.

With all the great support and feedback from everyone this year, I'll be putting together a full season of StratoCross events next year, including an all new competition event that was created based off the feedback of local Edmonton motorsport enthusiast!

Thank you for the support!


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