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Race Report: Formula K January 12

Round 3 of Formula K was the most civil one yet! This was the most wave bys to pass I’ve seen at a rental go kart event.

In the first race we had a very tight battle with the spread from 1st to last place

only being 0.7 of a second. Our youngest racer Tanner (15) took the fastest spot with a 32.027! Great driving for someone new to racing, and thanks to his dad Danny for getting him involved. Always great to watch someone young catch the competitive motorsports bug.

In the second race we had Sean take first place with a 31.677 followed closely by Trey with a 31.968.

In the third race, they turned us up to pro-speed! We had Sean once again set the fastest lap time and also claim the Top spot on the leaderboard with a 29.723. Owen followed closely behind with a 29.997.

It was a Motorheads Track Attacks podium sweep for this round!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting this small winter time racing series. Word is starting to spread around about it, a great first step for anyone interested in getting started in competitive motorsports!

Your race winners of this round of Formula K:

1st - Sean Hofmeister

2nd - Owen Baba

3rd - Eric Russnak

Leader Board can be viewed here:

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