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Race Report: Formula K Nov 10

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

With the 10 spots for the first event filled with a bunch of the local Edmonton track crew, it was bound to be an all-out hack fest… I mean fight.. for a podium spot.

The first heat we had a kart breaking down, a couple crashes and Joey Gschossmann setting the fastest lap at 31.848.

In the second heat we all started getting the flow of the track, but that didn’t make any difference as you have 10 very competitive drivers in Rental Karts. More accidents & laughing was had. In the first lap we had a group of us trying to go 3 wide around a tight hairpin and nothing good came of it. Kevin Golightly was somehow able to get a clean lap in and win the heat with a 32.390.

In the final round, with everything on the line and most of us thirsty for a beer, Sean Hofmeister with Motorheads track attacks killed us all with a 31.569 lap setting the fastest of the night and the top lap of the week at Speeders. By far the biggest accomplishment of his pro racing career.

Awards were handed out (I make for a terrible trophy girl) and everyone stuck around for a beer and to talk motor & race stuff.

Thank you to Will Swanstrom & Trey Drake with Track Rabbit Racing for sponsoring the first event!

Your Winners the first round of Formula K:

1st Sean Hofmeister

2nd Joey Gschossmann

3rd Ken Gibbs

Lap Time Leader Board:

See you at the next one on December 8!


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