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Race Report: Formula K Dec 8

We had a drone flying around

We had Pro Speed

We had another great group of people out

What a fun way to spend a Thursday evening!

The first race the Karts were definitely showing more speed than the last Formula K round. Sean with Motorheads Track Attacks setting the fastest lap at 30.223 and Wil with Track Rabbit Racing just a hair slower at 30.234 seconds.

In the second race they slowed the Karts down on us, but with some tight lines and some luck Sean and Dan (Me) tied for the fastest lap at 32.502 and with Jeremy sneaking in with a 32.600

The final race they put us on Pro-Speed, which is way more fun even though many of us found out that the brakes disappear on the Karts in this setting. Even with a bunch of blue flag confusion it turned out to be a tight battle. Some may say this round was rigged and that it's forbidden for the organiser to win, but you can kiss my big fat 29.739 second lap! Reggie followed close behind with a 30.078

Thank you to Motorheads Track Attacks ( for sponsoring the event, and Martin with DroneBuzz ( for coming out to get some footage!

Feburary 9th and March 9th dates will open for registration soon. The March event will be the season closer with 20 spots available!

Your winners of the second round of Formula K:

1st Dan Roseberg

2nd Reggie Nicolas

3rd Jeremy Nguyen

The leaderboard can be viewed here:

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