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Karts for 2023!

Something currently never seen at Autocross events in Canada are Karts! This is a common sight down at Autocross events in the US, and is by far the cheapest way to go fast or get into Autocross if you don’t have a vehicle suitable for track duty.

After multiple requests by local racers, and the absolute perfect venue to run karts at (Stratotech raceway was built to be a world class Karting track) this combo is a no brainer!

For 2023 it will start off as an open class to see what shows up, and adjustments will be made based on feedback. At some point we may go to Rotax/Briggs/Shifter classes to stay congruent with local clubs with each getting their own PAX number.

Basic safety rules apply that are universal across local Karting clubs in Alberta. Ideally a person on a tight budget that wants to get a start in competitive motorsports could purchase an older but solid Kart setup and come out to the events and have an absolute blast. With the non wheel to wheel nature of the events the risk involved is significantly less for someone starting out too.

So yes, DMS Time Trials is planning to have the only Autocross events in Canada that will allow Karts in 2023!

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