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Classing Updates

Updated: Jul 6

As we get rolling through the season, it's time to tweak the classing rules just a little bit to spice things up! Also, to allow a few cars to be classed more fairly.

Updated: "200 Tread Wear Limit" replaced with "100 Tread Wear Limit"

This is to allow a few more people the option to run in this class that purchased under 200TW tires. There is no tire currently available from 100TW to 199TW that will beat a “Super 200 Tire” at short track single run Time Trial competitions, so there is no performance advantage to be gained with this change.

Updated: “Stock O.E Engine” replaced with “Stock O.E Available Engine”

You can use any engine that was available from the factory for your model of car. Other than the class allowed upgrades, it has to remain fully stock, and keep you within the 13:1 limit. That includes the header & intake manifold being stock! With any additional upgrades you'll be bumped into the Tuner Class or have to run a slower tire to stay in this class. See below.

Added: Additional Modification Allowance for cars using 240TW tires

This is to allow for the slower modified cars that fit within a 13:1 ratio or worse, an option to run in the Sport class. To keep it fair, they will be handicapped by having to use slower tires.

Allowed Mods:

  • Any external bolt on engine upgrades

  • Any internally stock naturally aspirated motor swaps that does not give your car a better than a 14:1 weight to HP Ratio

  • Interior removal

  • Drop in replacement turbo allowed for vehicles with a 18:1 weight to HP ratio or worse, otherwise turbos & supercharger's must remain O.E

*One catch here is that if your vehicle is on the allowance list you can't use this!

There's a few slow 200TW rated tires that I've allowed to be considered a 240TW tire. They are listed under the Allowance list. Notably the commonly used Hankook RS4 & Falken 615. If you have some odd off brand tire that is not listed that is not a top end track tire, it will be given the same allowance.

Some recommended 240TW+ allowed tires:

Top End: Michelin Cup 2 Connects

Mid Range: Hankook RS4

Budget: Zestino 07R

Updated: “Factory performance models & modified enthusiast cars” replaced with “Vehicles with a 9.5:1 Weight to HP ratio or worse” 

This is to simplify what is allowed in the class & to keep overly fast cars from entering it. Modification limits are still the same. 

Added: 240TW Additional Tire Width Allowance

If you're using a 240TW rated tire or higher, or one on the allowance list, you can run an extra 20mm wider over the class limits. This allows for cars that fit within the rules, but are using a wider tire an option to enter this class without giving them a performance advantage. 

Updated: “High Performance Vehicles & Street legal Kit Cars” replaced with “Vehicles with a 9.4 Weight to HP Ratio or better”  

This is to clarify what cars go into this class. Vehicles still need to be street vehicles or based on one. 

No changes.

Full rules can be viewed here:

That is it for know. This should create for some interesting decisions to be made and for some new battles to begin!


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