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Dan's Motorsports Timing

Dan’s Motorsports Timing is a mobile timing service located in Edmonton, AB that specializes in time trial competitions. I provide a simple all in one timing solution that can be customized for a variety of sports. Using the same equipment and software you'll see at many professional level competitions, I can provide your event with the same level of accuracy and professionalism at a fraction of the cost! 

What can I time?

  • Autocross

  • Hill climbs

  • Time Attacks

  • Drag Racing

  • Mud bogs

  • Lap timing 

  • And More!

Why use Dan's Motorsports Timing?

Proper timing is key to a successful time trial competition. Mess it up and you will have to deal with angry and annoyed competitors, not to mention the frustration of dealing with sensitive and expensive timing equipment. Avoid the hassle and cost, let me take care of it for you!

By using Dan’s Motorsports Timing at your next competition you will get:

  • Quick accurate results backed up by a No Charge Guarantee!

  • Saved time, effort, and headache

  • Increased turnout, with competitors wanting to come back to your next event!

  • Professional level timing at a fraction of the cost

  • + FREE promo picture made just for your event 

What can Dan's Motorsports Timing add to your event?

  • Accuracy down to .001 of a second

  • Online Live Results that are updated every 60 seconds during your event

  • Quick onsite setup, ready to start timing in as little as 30 minutes

  • Customizability to handle a variety of classes, time penalties, championship points, pax numbers and more!

  • Start & Finish line location flexibility with over 1000ft of range!

  • Instant time display for competitors 

  • Posted results within 1 hour of event finish!

* No Charge Gurantee I stand by my service! You will not be charged if I am unable to provide accurate results or encouter technical issues that delay your event.  

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